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change diapers sleeve of diaper packaging.

the worlds first 100% biodegradable cotton disposable diaper.

For the first time in diaper history, a disposable diaper made from cotton. Tested and certified to fully decompose in a landfill in under 2 years. The next generation of diapers.

made from
sustainably farmed,
earth-friendly cotton.

Everything you and your baby touch is cotton. Cotton top sheet, back sheet, leg cuff and ADL. Our cotton is safe, soft, absorbant and rash reducing.

change for good

cotton sprig

to our core

Pediatricians will agree, cotton is the safest choice for your baby's sensitive skin. Every diaper available today, even the “eco-friendly” ones, are primarily made from plastic.

drawing of hands hugging earth


Cotton has a legacy in sustainable farming & production that leaves the earth the way we found it - 100% biodegradable.

drawing of hands holding a baby

safe, & comfy

If babies could talk they would choose cotton every time, not plastic!

a first for
babies, parents
& the environment.

For your baby, cotton-comfort and safety. For parents, the ease of disposability. For the environment, 100% biodegradability.

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